So what exactly is an integrated marketing agency?

Perhaps it means different things to different people but for us it is the art of bringing everything together to achieve a single
cohesive, creative and most importantly, effective, marketing campaign.

Selecting the relevant 'tools' to use is an important part of that process. For example, social media integration is not for
everyone and even if it is which platforms are the right ones? Right across the marketing spectrum we can help you make the
most of your budget by focusing on what will deliver the best results or best target your potential customers.

Everyone at Deep Blue shares a common passion for creative thinking, embracing new technology and drinking plenty of tea
and coffee, in order to help you reach your company's marketing objectives.

This is what we call Integrated Marketing and it's what we do best.

Social Media Management

The world of social media is ever changing and there are a dizzying array of platforms to choose from, each with their own unique qualities. We can help you set up and manage your social media strategy, manage your brand online, develop creative SM campaigns, maximise engagement and ultimately convert that engagement into sales. The following are some of the social networks we manage for our clients. If you wnat to learn more about SM marketing for business please get in touch.

Facebook - Launched in 2004, today there are over 1bn users

Twitter - Launched in 2006, today there are over 500m users

Linked In - Launched in 2003, a professional network with almost 250m users

You Tube - Launched in 2006, a video sharing website,

Pinterest - is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies

Google+ - Google Plus is a relative newcomer to the social media space with around a half million registered users, about half of these are regular users

Blog - A useful channel to give your organisation a "voice" is to publish a blog. This can be based on serious business content (tips, knowledge etc), lighted hearted news and views or perhaps most effectively a combination of both. Building an audience for your blog is not a quick process but one that we think can add value and create loyalty and community. We can help you launch a blog so that you can manage it and/or we can operate your blog for you. Either way we can help you determine where it fits into your online communications strategy.

Website design and development

A web site is no longer an electronic brochure. Linking your web site to social media channels, designing a well considered user interface and navigation structure, writing compelling and meaningful copy, delivering content that is interactive and generating action is how we feel your presence on the internet should be developed.

Web management services

Depending on the level of your requirement, we can provide domain management services in house, such as domain search and registration, website hosting and email set up. For high end needs we work with specialist partners to deliver all of the behind the scenes essentials that enable your business to have a secure and reliable internet presence.

Email marketing

Another valuable resource is email marketing. We can advise on and if required help you run your email campaigns. From the formation of plans through creating of templates to the management and analysis of result we are here to guide and assist.


The often quoted "half of the investment we make in marketing is wasted, we just don't know which half" can be true, however, particularly with internet channels, this need should be aching of the past. We believe that all online marketing should be measured. Whether it is targeted through email and social media or broadcast through your web site we have the tools to measure effectiveness and to interpret the data with you. This should enable you and us to not only see the value of your marketing but by knowing what works best, to focus resources on the most productive areas. The result of this to make the most of your budget and to contain it as proportion of your business investment.

Creative Design

At the heart of what we do is the principle that the message can be enhanced by strong design. The essence of design - creativity - is not changed by new channels of communication. The combination of images, graphics, copy and layout are vital if your business is to stand out in ever crowded market places.

Good design formed around creative ideas are the key to everything we do and we make sure that every design detail and nuance enhances your identity, message and marketing objective.

Print in all its forms

In spite of the many doom sayers, print is still an important element in your marketing communications mix. Digital printing techniques have brought tremendous benefits to the medium. Now brochures, company reports, catalogues and stationery can be produced very quickly, economically and to high production values. Enhancing your business image and presence.

We have a wealth of print production understanding and can source any aspect of print, be it large format, short run digital, large run web offset or high quality litho. We take the hassle out of print for our clients, ensuring that artwork and printers proofs are thoroughly proof read, checked for accuracy and signed off and key print items such as high value brochures are always passed by us on press. But if you wish to buy your own print we are happy with that too.

Brand Guardianship

Not simply marketing jargon, Brand Guardianship is a cornerstone of brand management. Rigour and creativity ensure that your brand is consistently applied, everywhere.

Whether you're an established business or a startup, you will have or will invest heavily in developing your brand. So why would you risk weakening your brand through inappropriate use? What this means in practice is that the challenge is to design relevant and imaginative ways to use the brand in ways that fit within guidelines while communicating clearly.

We understand absolutely that branding your web presence requires a different approach to branding your print, your labelling or even your conferences. This is more than enforcing brand guidelines, it is evolving and innovating through strategy and creativity. Something we believe we do well.

Corporate Identity

The overall image of your business as it is perceived by diverse audiences, customers, suppliers, investors and employees. Your company name, logo, strap line should be the assets that engender common ownership of what your business stands for, its philosophy, culture and personality.

We understand the significance this has to your enterprise. We have helped new organisation find their identity. Helped companies reinvent their identity. Above all we respect the fact that corporate identity is perhaps one of the most fiercely contested matters in an organisation.

For this reason alone we always endeavour to have an empathy with you as part of your organisation not just stand at arms length. We will share in the pride you have in your identity while bring a professional objectivity to its development that will enable its development.