How can we help? 

As a small team, 'who you see is who you'll
be working with'. We offer a great mix of skills
and experience and we hope you will take the time
to find out a bit more about us.


We bring wide range of skills, age and experience together in a team focused on helping our clients achieve their objectives. We enable our clients to access 'large agency' experience in a small family unit team. We love what we do and enjoy the challenges of integrating the many marketing streams into a single powerful solution.


The following will give you an insight into our team and what makes us tick:


As an Art Director learning my trade on the Yorkshire advertising agency circuit
during the 80's and 90's I have worked with many inspirational people along the
way, refining my own creative skills and also understanding how to nurture ideas
and creativity in others. It has always been my passion to deliver a creative solution
that is also an effective one and I believe that both can co-exist.

I founded Deep Blue in 1997 with the firmly held belief that small is beautiful and I
still do. Sure, our size sometimes rules us out of working with businesses that need
a huge agency resource. But what I have found over the years is that we naturally
gravitate towards clients (or vice versa) that we are an ideal fit for.

I have lived and worked through the information age, developing a passion for
technology and I now love working in the online environment, embracing website
design and increasingly social media integration in addition to more 'traditional'

•  Art Direction & Design

•  Copywriting

•  Photography & Imaging

•  Conceptual Thinking

•  Marketing Strategy

•  Social Media Management

I have a long standing passion for the ocean and outdoors in general. I'm a keen sailor and love the freedom of sailing.

Our local Peak Park moorland is a frequently visited and constant source of inspiration. I'm also an avid photographer, swimmer and dog owner/walker. That's me.

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I have worked in a wide range of business environments at board level mainly in the
North of England. I began my career in multinational companies and grew to take
on significant marketing budget responsibility before moving over to work in
advertising agencies. In recent years I returned to work on the client side launching
and developing companies.

My experience of business in general and marketing in particular, on both sides of
the table, equips me to ensure that solid and imaginative creative solutions meet
real business objectives. I have worked through buoyant and difficult trading times
and I think I know how to get the best out of both situations.

My philosophy is that work should be something I wake up to each morning
excited. For me that means working with and for people where there is genuine
mutual respect and shared vision and where there is added value.

I delight in the way marketing communications has harnessed technology;
I enjoy working with both. The opportunities and challenges that online channels
provide businesses today to underpin and deliver their marketing strategy are

•  Marketing

•  Business Development

•  Social Media Strategy

•  New Products and Services

•  Mentoring and Coaching

•  Seeing the Big Picture

•  Project Management and Delivery

I've had a life long enthusiasm for gadgets so I follow technology change closely, the winners and the losers!

I love photography, F1 and I am constantly learning, something I feel makes life so enjoyable. I love the outdoors - the hills and the sea. My family figures in all parts of my life.

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My expertise lie in web technologies and development. Although my background is
mostly based in procedural and object-oriented application development, I take on
Deep Blue's web development requirements. With a focus on client side development
I make sure that all those pretty designs look good inside of a browser and not just in
a PDF.

I've worked for a few software companies in my 22 years and have a solid background
in most web technologies relevant to your presence on the web. I've built and launched
web projects that reach into the double digits and have a strong grasp of scripted
programming and core HTML/XML/CSS page styling languages.
You're in capable hands.

I've always been passionate about tech and it's taken me down a road that's led to a
Master's degree in Computer Science and brought me to working here at Deep Blue.
I love what I do and bringing projects to life on the web is what I do best.

•   Object Oriented Languages

•   C(++, #, Obj), Java

•   Web Scripting Languages

•   Javascript, PHP, Perl

•   Page Styling Languages


Similar to all the team members here at Deep Blue, I have a passion for exceptional design.

I'm keen on photography and I'm not ashamed of admitting my rampant fanboyism for all things Apple!

I'm also a minimalist and try to reflect that in the code I write. Clean and elegant are my words to live by.

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I have worked at Deep Blue for all of my life. My main skills
are in the area of concept development, taking the team out
onto the moors, woodlands and parks close to the office where
they get plenty of valuable thinking time. It's not an easy job as
I have to take them out in all weathers but it's worth it because
they come up with some really great ideas.

I'm not keen on the idea of being washed (as you can see) but in
the interests of keeping the office clean and sweet smelling I do my bit.

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